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oNBinaryIOHelpers for dealing with reading and writing binary files.
oNBlazeBlaze is a 2D rasteriser. It it mainly used by InfiniText and canvas in PowerUI as it uniquely performs rapid SDF rendering at runtime, however it can also be used directly. To use it directly, you'll need to create a Scanner object - these can and should be shared globally. The best place to see full usage is the internals of the CanvasContext object.
oNBrotliAn implementation of a brotli decompressor. Used by WOFF2.
oNCompressionWrappers for compression formats like brotli.
oNContextMenusUseful helpers for working with context menu's (like right clicking).
oNCssKnown as Spark, this is PowerUI's CSS engine. CSS properties and general CSS management is performed by Spark.
oNDomThe DOM namespace contains a 'tag soup' parser for handling HTML5 and other XML-like formats. It contains W3C compatible DOM nodes and functionality.
oNGifImplementation of the GIF image format.
oNInfiniTextInfiniText is PowerUI's text management system. It primarily loads font files and then renders glyphs (letters) using the Blaze rasteriser.
oNJsonA rapid JSON parser/serializer.
oNLoonimLoonim is a procedural texture engine. It's used to generate complex graphics (or complex filters for images) at runtime.
oNMathMLAn implementation of MathML using a shared DOM such that MathML can be easily inlined in your HTML.
oNModularA generic modular system for loading code modules from DLLs, searching for classes which inherit something (for example, discovering all your HTML tags) and starting up modules without needing gameObjects.
oNNitroContains the Nitro (Javascript-like) script compiler and engine.
oNPicoPico compiles C# into a DLL allowing it to be obfuscated and also prevents it from being continually recompiled.
oNPowerSlidePowerSlide is an animation system in PowerUI 2 - it's mainly used for animation sequences and dialogue, but can be broadly extended into cutscene management too
oNPowerUIThe PowerUI namespace manages almost everything to do with PowerUI such as html, css and it's rendering.
oNSpeechA stub implementation of SSML for use with speech synthesis.
oNSuper8(Not available in the current release). C# Audio/Video codecs like VP8, VP9, H.264, MP3 etc
oNSvgAn implementation of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) using a shared DOM such that SVG's can be easily inlined in your HTML.
oNValuesGeneric binary read/write for different value types.
oNWindowsThe window manager is a templating system for creating stackable, shareable UI components.
\NZlibThe ZLib compression library used by WOFF.