Detailed Description

A CSS function. You can create custom ones by deriving from this class. Note that they are instanced globally as well as locally.

Inheritance diagram for Css.CssFunction:
Css.ValueSet Css.CssUnit Css.Value Css.Functions.Attr Css.Functions.Calc Css.Functions.CubicBezier Css.Functions.DirFunction Css.Functions.EqFunction Css.Functions.FilterFunction Css.Functions.FontVariant Css.Functions.Format Css.Functions.GtFunction Css.Functions.Hsla Css.Functions.LangFunction Css.Functions.LinearGradientFunction Css.Functions.LtFunction Css.Functions.MatchesFunction Css.Functions.NotFunction Css.Functions.NthChildFunction Css.Functions.NthLastChildFunction Css.Functions.NthLastOfTypeFunction Css.Functions.NthOfTypeFunction Css.Functions.RectFunction Css.Functions.RgbaFunction Css.Functions.Steps Css.Functions.SymbolsFunction Css.Functions.Transformation Css.Functions.UrlFunction Css.Functions.VarFunction Css.ShaderSetFunction

Public Member Functions

virtual string[] GetNames ()
 The set of all function names that this one will handle. Usually just one. Lowercase. e.g. "rgb", "rgba". More...
override string ToString ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Css.ValueSet
 ValueSet ()
void Add (Value val)
 Adds the given value to the set. More...
 ValueSet (int count)
 ValueSet (Value[] s)
override void SetRawDecimal (float value)
 Sets a raw decimal value to this object. Used by the animation system. More...
override float GetRawDecimal ()
 Obtains the underlying decimal value, if there is one. More...
override float GetDecimal (RenderableData context, CssProperty property)
 If this is a decimal, the raw decimal value. This is generally the main output. More...
override string GetText (RenderableData context, CssProperty property)
 If this is a text value, e.g. "auto", the raw text value. More...
override bool GetBoolean (RenderableData context, CssProperty property)
 If this is a boolean, the raw bool value. More...
override string ToString ()
override IEnumerator< ValueGetEnumerator ()
override bool Equals (Value value)
 Checks if two values are equal. More...
Value[] CopyInnerValues ()

Public Attributes

bool LiteralValue
 True if this functions value should be read literally. More...
string Name
 The main name of this function. Originates from the first result returned by GetNames. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from Css.ValueSet
string Spacer =" "
 The spacer for this value set. More...


override bool IsFunction [get]
override string Identifier [get]
- Properties inherited from Css.ValueSet
override bool IsAbsolute [get]
override string Identifier [get]
Value First [get]
override int Count [get, set]
override bool IsColour [get]
override Value this[int index] [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Css.CssUnit
virtual string[] PreText [get]
 The set of text strings that indicate this unit is about to appear in the CSS stream. #, " etc. More...
virtual string[] PostText [get]
 The set of text strings that indicate this unit has just appeared in the CSS stream. px,%,cm etc. More...
- Properties inherited from Css.Value
ValueType Type [get, set]
bool IsCommaArray [get]
 Checks if this value is a,comma,array. More...
virtual bool IsFunction [get]
 Checks if this is a function. More...
virtual bool IsAuto [get]
 Checks if this is the 'auto' keyword More...
virtual bool IsColour [get]
 Checks if this is a suitable colour. More...
virtual bool IsCached [get]
 True if this is a 'cached' value. See CachedIntegerUnit. More...
virtual Css.Value CachedOrigin [get]
 The original value of a cached object. More...
virtual bool IsAbsolute [get]
 Checks if this is an absolute value and is not a percentage/em/ rectangle containing percents. More...
virtual string Identifier [get]
 Used for locating e.g. a function contained within a set. More...
string Hash [get]
 Text is e.g. "afile.svg#something". This is either 'something' or null. More...
string Text [get]
 Gets context-free text such as font family names. More...
virtual int Count [get, set]
 The number of internal values. More...
virtual Value this[int index] [get, set]
virtual Value this[string index] [get, set]
virtual bool IsInherit [get]
 Is this an inheriting value? More...
virtual Css.Value Computed [get]
 Resolves through e.g. inherit and initial. More...
virtual string HexString [get]
 Converts this value into a hex string that is 2 characters long. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Css.Value
static Css.Value Load (string text)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Css.ValueSet
override Value Clone ()
 Duplicates this value. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Css.Value
ValueType Type_ =ValueType.Null
 The type of value this is. More...
- Package Attributes inherited from Css.ValueSet
Value[] Values
 The set of internal values, such as each individual value of padding. More...
- Static Package Attributes inherited from Css.Value
static readonly Value Empty =new Units.DecimalUnit(0)
 Represents an empty value. More...

Member Function Documentation

virtual string [] Css.CssFunction.GetNames ( )

The set of all function names that this one will handle. Usually just one. Lowercase. e.g. "rgb", "rgba".

Reimplemented in Css.InterpolationMatrix3D, Css.Functions.LinearGradientFunction, Css.InterpolationMatrix, Css.Functions.Calc, Css.Functions.Rotate, Css.Functions.MatrixFunction, Css.Functions.Steps, Css.Functions.Hsla, Css.Functions.RgbaFunction, Css.Functions.Skew, Css.Functions.CubicBezier, Css.Functions.Translate, Css.Functions.Scale, Css.Functions.Perspective, Css.Functions.VarFunction, Css.Functions.SkewZ, Css.Functions.UrlFunction, Css.Functions.SkewX, Css.Functions.SkewY, Css.ShaderSetFunction, Css.Functions.TranslateX, Css.Functions.TranslateY, Css.Functions.TranslateZ, Css.Functions.ScaleX, Css.Functions.ScaleY, Css.Functions.ScaleZ, Css.Functions.MatchesFunction, Css.Functions.NotFunction, Css.Functions.RotateX, Css.Functions.RotateY, Css.Functions.RotateZ, Css.Functions.EqFunction, Css.Functions.GtFunction, Css.Functions.LtFunction, Css.Functions.NthChildFunction, Css.Functions.NthLastChildFunction, Css.Functions.NthLastOfTypeFunction, Css.Functions.NthOfTypeFunction, Css.Functions.DirFunction, Css.Functions.LangFunction, Css.Functions.RectFunction, Css.Functions.Attr, Css.Functions.Format, Css.Functions.SymbolsFunction, Css.Functions.Annotation, Css.Functions.CharacterVariant, Css.Functions.Ornaments, Css.Functions.StyleSet, Css.Functions.Stylistic, Css.Functions.Swash, Css.Functions.BlurFunction, Css.Functions.BrightnessFunction, Css.Functions.ContrastFunction, Css.Functions.DropShadowFunction, Css.Functions.GrayscaleFunction, Css.Functions.HueRotateFunction, Css.Functions.InvertFunction, Css.Functions.OpacityFunction, Css.Functions.SaturateFunction, and Css.Functions.SepiaFunction.

override string Css.CssFunction.ToString ( )

Member Data Documentation

bool Css.CssFunction.LiteralValue

True if this functions value should be read literally.

string Css.CssFunction.Name

The main name of this function. Originates from the first result returned by GetNames.

Property Documentation

override string Css.CssFunction.Identifier
override bool Css.CssFunction.IsFunction