Dom.PowerUILanguageLoader Class Reference

Detailed Description

This class loads data for a language within Unity at runtime. The language must always be located in the Resources folder, under Resources/Languages/{path}.

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Public Member Functions

 PowerUILanguageLoader (string path)
void Setup ()
 Loads the language metadata (language names and their codes). More...
override void LoadFile (string path, LanguageTextEvent onFileAvailable)
 Loads an XML file at the given absolute path. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Dom.LanguageLoader
 LanguageLoader (string path)
 Creates a new loader for the given path. More...
void GetGroup (string code, string groupName, LanguageEventDelegate groupReady)
 Loads a standard group by name. More...
Language Get (string code)
 Gets the language with the given code. More...

Static Public Attributes

static string MetaPath ="Languages/languages"
 The information about all available languages. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Dom.LanguageLoader
string Path
 The path to the location of the languages. More...
Dictionary< string, LanguageLanguages
 The set of all languages if they've all been loaded. Indexed by lowercase language code. More...
- Package Functions inherited from Dom.LanguageLoader
LanguageEvent CreateEvent (string type)
 Creates a language event for this loader. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Dom.PowerUILanguageLoader.PowerUILanguageLoader ( string  path)

Member Function Documentation

override void Dom.PowerUILanguageLoader.LoadFile ( string  path,
LanguageTextEvent  onFileAvailable 

Loads an XML file at the given absolute path.

Reimplemented from Dom.LanguageLoader.

void Dom.PowerUILanguageLoader.Setup ( )

Loads the language metadata (language names and their codes).

Member Data Documentation

string Dom.PowerUILanguageLoader.MetaPath ="Languages/languages"

The information about all available languages.