Detailed Description

A dialogue that blocks the thread when it's opened. Alert and confirm use these.

Public Member Functions

 BlockingDialogue (string type, Window window)
void Resume (object response)
 Resumes the thread. More...

Public Attributes

Window Window
 The window that opened it. More...
string Type
 The dialogue type. alert/confirm. More...
object Response
 The response from the user. More...
HtmlElement Element
 The UI element of the background. Contains the whole prompt. More...

Package Attributes

System.Threading.Thread Thread
 The blocked JS thread. More...


bool OkResponse [get]
 The response as a boolean. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PowerUI.BlockingDialogue.BlockingDialogue ( string  type,
Window  window 

Member Function Documentation

void PowerUI.BlockingDialogue.Resume ( object  response)

Resumes the thread.

Member Data Documentation

HtmlElement PowerUI.BlockingDialogue.Element

The UI element of the background. Contains the whole prompt.

object PowerUI.BlockingDialogue.Response

The response from the user.

System.Threading.Thread PowerUI.BlockingDialogue.Thread

The blocked JS thread.

string PowerUI.BlockingDialogue.Type

The dialogue type. alert/confirm.

Window PowerUI.BlockingDialogue.Window

The window that opened it.

Property Documentation

bool PowerUI.BlockingDialogue.OkResponse

The response as a boolean.