Detailed Description

Helps with animating the CSS transform property as it requires custom handling.

Inheritance diagram for PowerUI.AnimatedTransformProperty:

Public Member Functions

 AnimatedTransformProperty (UIAnimation animation)
 Creates a new animated property. More...
void ApplyValues (Css.Value from, Css.Value to)
 Figures out what kind of lerp is required with the given from/to values. More...
override void Update (float deltaTime)
void WriteProgress (float progress)
 Writes out to TransformValueObject now using the given 0-1 progress value. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from PowerUI.AnimatedProperty
 AnimatedProperty (UIAnimation animation, CssProperty property)
 Creates a new animated property. More...
void Animate (UIAnimation animation, Css.Value targetValue, Blaze.VectorPath timeCurve, bool updateCss)
 Animates this property now. More...
void SetupValue (Css.Value hostValue, Css.Value rawValue)
 Sets up the initial value. More...
void AddToQueue ()
void Stop ()

Public Attributes

Css.Value ToFunctions
 The set of one or more functions (write out to this). More...
Css.Value FromFunctions
 The set of one or more functions. More...
Css.Value ActiveFunctions
 The actual transitional value. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from PowerUI.AnimatedProperty
bool UpdateCss
 True if this particular property should flush the output to the screen. This is required if there are multiple inner properties for a particular CSS property. More...
float CurrentTime
 The current time in seconds that has passed since the animation started. More...
float ActiveValue
 The value that should be applied right now in terms of units. More...
UIAnimation Animation
 The parent animation that this property belongs to. More...
Css.Value RawStart
 The starting CSS value. More...
Css.Units.DecimalUnit ValueObject
 The CSS value object that the current value of this is applied to. More...
CssProperty PropertyInfo
 The potentially composite property being animated. E.g. color. More...
CssProperty InnerPropertyInfo
 The "actual" property being animated, if there is one. E.g. color-r. More...
Css.Value PropertyValueObject
 The CSS property that this value is a part of. For example, if this property currently being animated is the red component of the colour overlay, the property value object is the colour overlay as a whole. More...
AnimatedProperty PropertyAfter
 Currently animated properties are stored in a linked list. This is the next one in the list. More...
AnimatedProperty PropertyBefore
 Currently animated properties are stored in a linked list. This is the one before this in the list. More...
Blaze.CurveSampler ProgressSampler
 The sampler used when progressing the animation. More...

Private Member Functions

void WriteOut ()

Private Attributes

Css.Units.TransformValue RawTransformValue
 The cached matrix. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Package Attributes inherited from PowerUI.AnimatedProperty
Css.Value RawTarget
 The raw target value. More...
- Properties inherited from PowerUI.AnimatedProperty
string Property [get]
 The prime property being animated. More...
Element Animating [get]
 The element being animated. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PowerUI.AnimatedTransformProperty.AnimatedTransformProperty ( UIAnimation  animation)

Creates a new animated property.

animationThe animation that this property is a part of.
propertyThe property being animated.

Member Function Documentation

void PowerUI.AnimatedTransformProperty.ApplyValues ( Css.Value  from,
Css.Value  to 

Figures out what kind of lerp is required with the given from/to values.

override void PowerUI.AnimatedTransformProperty.Update ( float  deltaTime)

Reimplemented from PowerUI.AnimatedProperty.

void PowerUI.AnimatedTransformProperty.WriteOut ( )
void PowerUI.AnimatedTransformProperty.WriteProgress ( float  progress)

Writes out to TransformValueObject now using the given 0-1 progress value.

Member Data Documentation

Css.Value PowerUI.AnimatedTransformProperty.ActiveFunctions

The actual transitional value.

Css.Value PowerUI.AnimatedTransformProperty.FromFunctions

The set of one or more functions.

Css.Units.TransformValue PowerUI.AnimatedTransformProperty.RawTransformValue

The cached matrix.

Css.Value PowerUI.AnimatedTransformProperty.ToFunctions

The set of one or more functions (write out to this).