Css.Keywords.Auto Class Reference

Detailed Description

Represents an instance of the auto keyword.

Inheritance diagram for Css.Keywords.Auto:
Css.CssKeyword Css.Value


override bool IsAuto [get]
override string Name [get]
- Properties inherited from Css.CssKeyword
virtual string Name [get]
 The keyword itself. E.g. auto etc. More...
- Properties inherited from Css.Value
ValueType Type [get, set]
bool IsCommaArray [get]
 Checks if this value is a,comma,array. More...
virtual bool IsFunction [get]
 Checks if this is a function. More...
virtual bool IsAuto [get]
 Checks if this is the 'auto' keyword More...
virtual bool IsColour [get]
 Checks if this is a suitable colour. More...
virtual bool IsCached [get]
 True if this is a 'cached' value. See CachedIntegerUnit. More...
virtual Css.Value CachedOrigin [get]
 The original value of a cached object. More...
virtual bool IsAbsolute [get]
 Checks if this is an absolute value and is not a percentage/em/ rectangle containing percents. More...
virtual string Identifier [get]
 Used for locating e.g. a function contained within a set. More...
string Hash [get]
 Text is e.g. "afile.svg#something". This is either 'something' or null. More...
string Text [get]
 Gets context-free text such as font family names. More...
virtual int Count [get, set]
 The number of internal values. More...
virtual Value this[int index] [get, set]
virtual Value this[string index] [get, set]
virtual bool IsInherit [get]
 Is this an inheriting value? More...
virtual Css.Value Computed [get]
 Resolves through e.g. inherit and initial. More...
virtual string HexString [get]
 Converts this value into a hex string that is 2 characters long. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Css.CssKeyword
 CssKeyword ()
override string GetText (RenderableData context, CssProperty property)
 If this is a text value, e.g. "auto", the raw text value. More...
override string ToString ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Css.Value
static Css.Value Load (string text)
- Public Attributes inherited from Css.Value
bool Important
 True if this value is important. More...
int Specifity =1<<28
 How specific this value is. A low specifity value should never overwrite a high specifity one. By default it's a very high specifity (but not so high that it overflows if it's "important"!) More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Css.CssKeyword
override Value Clone ()
 Duplicates this value. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Css.Value
ValueType Type_ =ValueType.Null
 The type of value this is. More...
- Static Package Attributes inherited from Css.Value
static readonly Value Empty =new Units.DecimalUnit(0)
 Represents an empty value. More...

Property Documentation

override bool Css.Keywords.Auto.IsAuto
override string Css.Keywords.Auto.Name