Dom.INodeList Interface Reference

Detailed Description

The NodeList interface.

Inheritance diagram for Dom.INodeList:
Dom.HTMLCollection Dom.HTMLOptionsCollection Dom.NodeList Dom.RadioNodeList Dom.HTMLFormControlsCollection

Public Member Functions

void push (Node node)
 Adds a node. More...
void remove (Node node)
 Removes a node. More...
void insert (int index, Node node)
 Inserts a node at the given index. More...


int length [get]
 The number of nodes in the list. More...

Member Function Documentation

void Dom.INodeList.insert ( int  index,
Node  node 

Inserts a node at the given index.

Implemented in Dom.HTMLOptionsCollection, Dom.RadioNodeList, Dom.NodeList, and Dom.HTMLCollection.

void Dom.INodeList.push ( Node  node)
void Dom.INodeList.remove ( Node  node)

Property Documentation

int Dom.INodeList.length

The number of nodes in the list.