Detailed Description

A particular group of variables within a language. E.g. Used by &GroupName.VariableName; with a LanguageGroup instance per language.

Inheritance diagram for Dom.LanguageGroup:

Public Member Functions

 LanguageGroup (string name, Language language)
 LanguageGroup (string xml)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Dom.VariableSet
 VariableSet ()
 Creates a new empty variable set. More...
void Clear ()
 Empties this variable set. More...
void Add (string code, string value)
 Adds a variable to this set. More...
void Remove (string code)
 Removes a variable by name. More...
bool Contains (string code)
 Checks if this variable set contains the named variable. More...
string GetValue (string code)
 Gets the value of the named variable from this set. More...
void SetValue (string code, string value)
 Sets a value of the named variable into this set. Creates it if it doesn't exist. More...
JSArray ToJson ()
 Converts this set to a JSON array. More...

Public Attributes

string Name
 The group name. This is the empty string for the 'default' group. More...
Language Language
 The language this is a group in. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from Dom.VariableSet
Dictionary< string, string > Map
 The lookup of variable name to its content. More...


string innerXML [set]
 The XML of this group. More...
- Properties inherited from Dom.VariableSet
int Count [get]
 The number of entries in the set. More...
string this[string code] [get, set]
 Gets or sets (or creates if not found) the value of a named variable in this set. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Dom.LanguageGroup.LanguageGroup ( string  name,
Language  language 
Dom.LanguageGroup.LanguageGroup ( string  xml)

Member Data Documentation

Language Dom.LanguageGroup.Language

The language this is a group in.

string Dom.LanguageGroup.Name

The group name. This is the empty string for the 'default' group.

Property Documentation

string Dom.LanguageGroup.innerXML

The XML of this group.