PowerUI.CSSFontFaceLoadEventListener Class Reference

Detailed Description

Handler for CSSFontFaceLoadEvent events.

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Public Member Functions

 CSSFontFaceLoadEventListener (CSSFontFaceLoadEventDelegate listener)
override void handleEvent (Event e)
 Call this to run the method. More...

Public Attributes

CSSFontFaceLoadEventDelegate Listener
- Public Attributes inherited from Dom.EventListener
bool Capture
 True if this is a capture phase listener. More...


override object Internal [get]
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virtual object Internal [get]
 The internal specific delegate instance. More...

Additional Inherited Members

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bool Matches (object mtd)
 Checks if the given method equals this listeners internal method handler. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PowerUI.CSSFontFaceLoadEventListener.CSSFontFaceLoadEventListener ( CSSFontFaceLoadEventDelegate  listener)

Member Function Documentation

override void PowerUI.CSSFontFaceLoadEventListener.handleEvent ( Event  e)

Call this to run the method.

Reimplemented from Dom.EventListener.

Member Data Documentation

CSSFontFaceLoadEventDelegate PowerUI.CSSFontFaceLoadEventListener.Listener

Property Documentation

override object PowerUI.CSSFontFaceLoadEventListener.Internal