PowerUI.OggFormat Class Reference

Detailed Description

Represents the default "ogg" format.

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Public Member Functions

 OggFormat ()
 OggFormat (AudioClip clip)
override string[] GetNames ()
 The set of lowercase file types that this format will handle. More...
override AudioFormat Instance ()
 Creates an instance of this format. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from PowerUI.AudioFormat
virtual bool InternallyCached (Location path, AudioPackage package)
 Some formats may cache their result internally. This checks and updates if it has. More...
virtual bool LoadFromAsset (UnityEngine.Object asset, AudioPackage package)
 Attempt to load the audio from a Unity resource. More...
virtual bool LoadData (byte[] data, AudioPackage package)
 Loads the raw block of data into an object of this format. More...
virtual void SetPause (bool paused)
 Change the paused state of the audio. More...
virtual void Start (Dom.Node context)
 Called when this audio is expected to start. Note that context may be null. More...
virtual void Stop ()
 Called when this audio should stop. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from PowerUI.AudioFormat
AudioClip Clip
 The clip to use during playback. More...
- Package Attributes inherited from PowerUI.AudioFormat
AudioSource Source
 The current source it's being played on. More...
- Properties inherited from PowerUI.AudioFormat
virtual bool Loaded [get]
 Is this audio loaded? More...
virtual float Duration [get]
 The length of the clip in seconds. More...
virtual float CurrentTime [get, set]
 Use this to seek. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PowerUI.OggFormat.OggFormat ( )
PowerUI.OggFormat.OggFormat ( AudioClip  clip)

Member Function Documentation

override string [] PowerUI.OggFormat.GetNames ( )

The set of lowercase file types that this format will handle.

Reimplemented from PowerUI.AudioFormat.

override AudioFormat PowerUI.OggFormat.Instance ( )

Creates an instance of this format.

Reimplemented from PowerUI.AudioFormat.