Css.Spec.Value Class Reference

Detailed Description

The base of a CSS specification value. These are primarily used by composite properties such as background: or font:.

Spec value cheat sheet: Spec.AnyOf || Spec.All a b Spec.Property Spec.Optional a? Spec.OneOf a|b Spec.Literal / Spec.AllAnyOrder a && b Spec.Repeated {1,4}, * => {0,infinity}, + => {1,infinity} Spec.ValueType <number>, <percent> etc.

Inheritance diagram for Css.Spec.Value:
Css.Spec.All Css.Spec.AllAnyOrder Css.Spec.AnyOf Css.Spec.FunctionCall Css.Spec.Literal Css.Spec.LiteralNumber Css.Spec.OneOf Css.Spec.Optional Css.Spec.Property Css.Spec.PropertyAlt Css.Spec.Repeated Css.Spec.ValueType

Public Member Functions

virtual bool OnReadValue (Style styleBlock, Css.Value value, int start, out int size)

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool Css.Spec.Value.OnReadValue ( Style  styleBlock,
Css.Value  value,
int  start,
out int  size