Css.Functions.NthChildMatcher Class Reference

Detailed Description

Handles the matching process for nth-child.

Inheritance diagram for Css.Functions.NthChildMatcher:
Css.LocalMatcher Css.SelectorMatcher

Public Member Functions

 NthChildMatcher (int nth, int offset)
override bool TryMatch (Dom.Node node)
 Checks if the given node matches this root/local. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Css.LocalMatcher
virtual bool Equals (LocalMatcher match)
 True if two local matchers are equal. More...
virtual void RemoveFromDocument (ReflowDocument document, Css.StyleSheet sheet)
 Removes this matcher from any document caches. More...
virtual void AddToDocument (ReflowDocument document, Css.StyleSheet sheet)
 Adds this matcher to its parent documents caches. This is used by the default style sheet when the document gets cleared. More...

Public Attributes

int Nth
int ChildOffset

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Css.Functions.NthChildMatcher.NthChildMatcher ( int  nth,
int  offset 

Member Function Documentation

override bool Css.Functions.NthChildMatcher.TryMatch ( Dom.Node  context)

Checks if the given node matches this root/local.

Reimplemented from Css.SelectorMatcher.

Member Data Documentation

int Css.Functions.NthChildMatcher.ChildOffset
int Css.Functions.NthChildMatcher.Nth