PowerUI.PendingLocationRequest Class Reference

Detailed Description

A linked list of location requests.

Public Member Functions

bool Update (float deltaTime)
void Ready ()
 Called when the location service is no longer initialising. More...

Public Attributes

float Duration
 Time it's waited for. More...
float Timeout =float.MaxValue
 Max time it'll wait for. More...
PendingLocationRequest Next
 Next in the list. More...
GeolocationEvent Success
 Success callback. More...
GeolocationErrorEvent Error
 Error callback. More...
GeoPositionOptions Options
 Options. More...

Member Function Documentation

void PowerUI.PendingLocationRequest.Ready ( )

Called when the location service is no longer initialising.

bool PowerUI.PendingLocationRequest.Update ( float  deltaTime)

Member Data Documentation

float PowerUI.PendingLocationRequest.Duration

Time it's waited for.

GeolocationErrorEvent PowerUI.PendingLocationRequest.Error

Error callback.

PendingLocationRequest PowerUI.PendingLocationRequest.Next

Next in the list.

GeoPositionOptions PowerUI.PendingLocationRequest.Options


GeolocationEvent PowerUI.PendingLocationRequest.Success

Success callback.

float PowerUI.PendingLocationRequest.Timeout =float.MaxValue

Max time it'll wait for.