Dom.HTMLFormControlsCollection Class Reference

Detailed Description

A collection of HTML form control elements. Very similar to HTMLCollection, only its namedItem method is slightly different.

Inheritance diagram for Dom.HTMLFormControlsCollection:
Dom.HTMLCollection Dom.INodeList

Public Member Functions

override Element namedItem (string name)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Dom.HTMLCollection
HtmlElement htmlItem (int index)
int indexOf (Node node)
 The index of the given node. More...
void remove (Node node)
 Removes the given node. More...
void insert (int index, Node node)
 Insert at the given index. More...
void push (Node node)
 Adds a node. More...
Element item (int index)
 Gets a node at a particular index. More...
IEnumerator< ElementGetEnumerator ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from Dom.HTMLCollection
int length [get]
Element this[int index] [get, set]
 Gets an element at the specified index. More...
Element this[string index] [get]
 Gets an element at the specified index. More...

Member Function Documentation

override Element Dom.HTMLFormControlsCollection.namedItem ( string  name)

Reimplemented from Dom.HTMLCollection.