Dom.IEventTarget Interface Reference

Detailed Description

An interface for something that can receive events. Typically used by custom objects (such as gameworld objects) to receive DOM events.

Inheritance diagram for Dom.IEventTarget:
Dom.EventTarget Dom.Node PowerSlide.Slide PowerSlide.Track PowerUI.ContentPackage PowerUI.JSScreen Windows.WindowGroup Css.SparkInformerNode Dom.AttributeNode Dom.CharacterData Dom.Document Dom.DocumentFragment Dom.DocumentType Dom.Element PowerSlide.CuePoint PowerSlide.DialogueSlide PowerSlide.StyleSlide PowerSlide.CueTrack PowerSlide.DialogueTrack PowerSlide.StyleTrack PowerUI.AudioPackage PowerUI.DataPackage PowerUI.ImagePackage Windows.Window

Public Member Functions

bool dispatchEvent (Event e)
 Dispatches an event to this target. More...

Member Function Documentation

bool Dom.IEventTarget.dispatchEvent ( Event  e)

Dispatches an event to this target.

Implemented in Dom.EventTarget.