Detailed Description

Represents an instance of a font relative unit, e.g. em.

Inheritance diagram for Css.Units.FontUnit:
Css.Units.DecimalUnit Css.CssUnit Css.Value Css.Units.ChUnit Css.Units.EmUnit Css.Units.ExUnit Css.Units.RemUnit

Public Member Functions

 FontUnit ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Css.Units.DecimalUnit
 DecimalUnit (float value)
 DecimalUnit ()
override bool Equals (Value value)
 Checks if two values are equal. More...
override void SetRawDecimal (float value)
 Sets a raw decimal value to this object. Used by the animation system. More...
override float GetRawDecimal ()
 Obtains the underlying decimal value, if there is one. More...
override float GetDecimal (RenderableData context, CssProperty property)
 If this is a decimal, the raw decimal value. This is generally the main output. More...
override string GetText (RenderableData context, CssProperty property)
 If this is a text value, e.g. "auto", the raw text value. More...
override bool GetBoolean (RenderableData context, CssProperty property)
 If this is a boolean, the raw bool value. More...
override string ToString ()

Protected Member Functions

FontFace GetFontFace (RenderableData context)
 Gets the active font face for the given element. More...
float GetFontSize (RenderableData context, CssProperty property)
 Gets the font size from the given element. More...
override Value Clone ()
 Duplicates this value. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Css.Value
static Css.Value Load (string text)
- Public Attributes inherited from Css.Units.DecimalUnit
float RawValue
- Protected Attributes inherited from Css.Value
ValueType Type_ =ValueType.Null
 The type of value this is. More...
- Static Package Attributes inherited from Css.Value
static readonly Value Empty =new Units.DecimalUnit(0)
 Represents an empty value. More...
- Properties inherited from Css.Units.DecimalUnit
virtual float DisplayNumber [get]
override string HexString [get]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Css.Units.FontUnit.FontUnit ( )

Member Function Documentation

override Value Css.Units.FontUnit.Clone ( )

Duplicates this value.

A duplicated copy of this value. Note that if this value has inner values, they are copied too.

Reimplemented from Css.Units.DecimalUnit.

Reimplemented in Css.Units.RemUnit.

FontFace Css.Units.FontUnit.GetFontFace ( RenderableData  context)

Gets the active font face for the given element.

float Css.Units.FontUnit.GetFontSize ( RenderableData  context,
CssProperty  property 

Gets the font size from the given element.