PowerUI.FlatWorldUIHandler Class Reference

Detailed Description

This class manages rendering flat WorldUI's for Unity Indie (free) users. You don't need to use it directly - PowerUI will set this up for you when you create a FlatWorldUI.

Inheritance diagram for PowerUI.FlatWorldUIHandler:

Public Member Functions

void Update ()
void OnPostRender ()

Public Attributes

const float MaximumRate =1f/8f
 Maximum rate is 8fps. More...
Camera Camera
 The flat world UI camera. More...
Rect Location
 The target screen location. More...
Texture2D Output
 The target image. More...
float CurrentRate
 The current frame rate manager. More...
bool Redraw =false
 Set true when the flat world UI will redraw. More...
float Aspect =1f
 The camera aspect. More...

Member Function Documentation

void PowerUI.FlatWorldUIHandler.OnPostRender ( )
void PowerUI.FlatWorldUIHandler.Update ( )

Member Data Documentation

float PowerUI.FlatWorldUIHandler.Aspect =1f

The camera aspect.

Camera PowerUI.FlatWorldUIHandler.Camera

The flat world UI camera.

float PowerUI.FlatWorldUIHandler.CurrentRate

The current frame rate manager.

Rect PowerUI.FlatWorldUIHandler.Location

The target screen location.

const float PowerUI.FlatWorldUIHandler.MaximumRate =1f/8f

Maximum rate is 8fps.

Texture2D PowerUI.FlatWorldUIHandler.Output

The target image.

bool PowerUI.FlatWorldUIHandler.Redraw =false

Set true when the flat world UI will redraw.