Blaze.DrawingTexture Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void BuildMesh (float xOffset, float yOffset, TextureCamera camera)

Public Attributes

int X
 X position. More...
int Y
 Y position. More...
float OffsetY
 Y offset in path units. More...
float OffsetX
 X offset in path units. More...
VectorPath Path
 The path to draw. More...
MeshBuffer Mesh
 The actual mesh for the drawing. More...
AtlasLocation Location
 The location on an atlas. More...
DrawingTexture NextDrawing
 Linked list of drawings. More...


bool Active [get]

Member Function Documentation

void Blaze.DrawingTexture.BuildMesh ( float  xOffset,
float  yOffset,
TextureCamera  camera 

Member Data Documentation

AtlasLocation Blaze.DrawingTexture.Location

The location on an atlas.

MeshBuffer Blaze.DrawingTexture.Mesh

The actual mesh for the drawing.

DrawingTexture Blaze.DrawingTexture.NextDrawing

Linked list of drawings.

float Blaze.DrawingTexture.OffsetX

X offset in path units.

float Blaze.DrawingTexture.OffsetY

Y offset in path units.

VectorPath Blaze.DrawingTexture.Path

The path to draw.

int Blaze.DrawingTexture.X

X position.

int Blaze.DrawingTexture.Y

Y position.

Property Documentation

bool Blaze.DrawingTexture.Active