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oNBlazeBlaze is a 2D rasteriser. It it mainly used by InfiniText and canvas in PowerUI as it uniquely performs rapid SDF rendering at runtime, however it can also be used directly. To use it directly, you'll need to create a Scanner object - these can and should be shared globally. The best place to see full usage is the internals of the CanvasContext object.
oNInfiniTextInfiniText is PowerUI's text management system. It primarily loads font files and then renders glyphs (letters) using the Blaze rasteriser.
oNNitroContains the Nitro script compiler and engine. Part of the Wrench Framework.
oNPicoPico compiles C# into a DLL allowing it to be obfuscated and also prevents it from being continually recompiled.
oNPowerUIThe PowerUI namespace manages almost everything to do with PowerUI such as html, css and it's rendering.
|\NCssKnown as Spark, this is PowerUI's CSS engine. CSS properties and general CSS management is performed by Spark.
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oNUnityHttpPerforms event based HTTP loading. ajax.get is built on top of this.
\NWrenchThe Wrench Framework contains the Nitro scripting engine and compiler and also provides some generic markup language parsing as well as other shared features. This framework is shared by PowerUI and SoundStudio's KSA Player.