Wrench Namespace Reference


class  UnityLanguageLoader
 This class loads data for a language within Unity at runtime. The language must always be located in the Resources folder, under Resources/Languages/{path}. More...
class  Log
 This class handles logging messages. When a message occurs, it fires an event so a specific application can handle them how it wishes. All logging can also be disabled with Wrench.Log.Active. More...
class  MLElement
 This object represents any Markup Language (ML) tag such as html, sml, xml etc. More...
class  MLLexer
 A Markup Language (ML) lexer reads xml-like markup languages from a string. It's used to help form a DOM like structure from any markup string such as html, sml, xml etc. More...
interface  MLTextElement
interface  MLVariableElement
class  PropertyTextReader
 Reads properties/ attributes from a lexer. These are of the form propertyName="propertyValue", propertyName=value or singleProperty (i.e. no value). More...
class  StringReader
 Treats a string of characters as a stream. This allows it to be read one character at a time. Attempting to read after the end of the stream will generate a Wrench.StringReader.NULL character. More...
class  TagHandler
 A tag handler represents methods for handling markup tags - for example a <span and="attributes">. More...
class  LanguageTag
 This handles the language tag at the top of a language file. It must define the name and code of the language. More...
class  LanguageTagHandler
 Handles a tags contained in a language file. More...
class  VariableTag
 Handles a variable tag within a language file. Variable tags define what a should be replaced with and essentially seperate layout or structure from the language. More...
class  TagHandlers
 A global lookup of tag text to handler. TagHandlers are instanced globally and mapped to the tags they accept. When a tag is found, it is then instanced. One instance of a tag is created per element. More...
class  FullVariableSet
 This set represents a set of variables in text, denoted by Implemented at e.g. UI.Variables/Speech.Variables. The event OnFind can be used to resolve a variable not found in either custom variables or the language (for localization) set. Nested variables (variables in a variables text) are evaluated at the point of replacement, not load. More...
class  LanguageElement
 This represents the language tag seen at the top of a language file. More...
class  LanguageLoader
 Override this class to provide methods for loading language files. They may be delivered in many different ways because of this. More...
class  LanguageSet
 A set of variables for a particular language. Used for localization. More...
class  Text
 This class simply represents a global Language service. Things such as the UI/Speech sign on to the language change event and update themselves accordingly when it's fired. More...
class  VariableSet
 Represents a set of used for localization. More...
class  TypeData
 Provides methods for dealing with types across platforms. More...


Enables player gender specific text, for example he or she. This represents a particular gender.


Enables player gender specific text, for example he or she. This represents a particular gender.


Whitespaces are preserved in the output.


Sequences of spaces will be collapsed into one.


delegate string Wrench.GroupResolve ( string[]  pieces,
string  fullText 

Used by OnGroupResolve to resolve a group name from a variable if it's not found in ExtraGroups.

piecesThe variable name split by '.'
The resolved string.
delegate void Wrench.LanguageChange ( string  code)

An event called when the language is changed.

codeThe new language code.
delegate void Wrench.OnLogEvent ( string  text)

The delegate used when Wrench logs an event. It's used by Wrench.Log.Onlog.

delegate void Wrench.OnVariableChange ( string  code)

Use this onchange delegate to do something when a custom variable is changed.

codeThe name of the variable that changed.
delegate string Wrench.OnVariableFind ( string  code)

Use this OnVariableFind delegate to override finding certain variables (e.g. can call this delegate with "WelcomeUser" as code). It's implemented by e.g. UI.Variables.OnFind/Speech.Variables.OnFind.

codeThe name of the variable whose content is being searched for.
delegate void Wrench.TextModifierChange ( )

An event called when any of the modifiers (such as gender) changes.