Detailed Description

Stores information about text being rendered in actual 3D. To use this, use the text-extrude CSS property. This allows you full formatting power and PowerUI can batch accordingly.

Public Member Functions

Mesh CreateMesh ()
void CreateGameObject ()

Public Attributes

Vector2[] UVs
int[] Triangles
Color[] Colours
Vector3[] Normals
Vector3[] Vertices

Member Function Documentation

void PowerUI.Text3D.CreateGameObject ( )
Mesh PowerUI.Text3D.CreateMesh ( )

Member Data Documentation

Color [] PowerUI.Text3D.Colours
Vector3 [] PowerUI.Text3D.Normals
int [] PowerUI.Text3D.Triangles
Vector2 [] PowerUI.Text3D.UVs
Vector3 [] PowerUI.Text3D.Vertices