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We want to make using PowerUI as simple as it possibly can be. It's been built from scratch to make it straight forward for it to "just work" on any Unity platform. If you're developing a range of screen sizes and pixel densities, see the resolution guide too.

As a general rule, if you get a build error, tick the "no runtime" Nitro setting and try again. If it's still erroring, it's a bug - please let us know!

Android and Standalone

PowerUI just works on Android/ Standalone builds.


See the IL2CPP page.

iOS (and some consoles)

iOS, like some consoles, does not allow runtime compilation. That causes some complicated problems for Javascript (and it's why PowerUI's Javascript is different). However, it can be still used so long as you precompile it first:


Window > PowerUI > Nitro Settings

Power tip: The PowerUI precompiler runs when you check the box and when a HTML file changes whilst Unity is open. If you add any new Nitro you should recheck the box before you build your app to be sure it has all precompiled.

If you're also using IL2CPP with code stripping turned on, see the wiki entry about IL2CPP.

Windows Phone and Universal/ Hololens

Windows Phone is much more restrictive than iOS - you need to entirely remove the Nitro compiler. Fortunately that just involves ticking both boxes:


Window > PowerUI > Nitro Settings

Note that you can still use Nitro like before - you just can't have any scripts compiled at runtime.