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Let's say you've made a free and a paid version of your app and you'd like to have a button in the free app which sends your players to somewhere they can buy the paid one. Well, you've come to the right place!

Each platform has its own store and naturally its own links for doing this, so we'll show you how to do it for each individual platform and how to do links that work on all of them.

Most platforms have http:// links too. If you want to use them, don't forget that you may also want to use target='_blank' so PowerUI doesn't load the app store pages into your UI!

Android Only

market:// link. Something like this:

<a href='market://details?id=yourAppsComName'>Check out the paid version!</a>

iOS Only

itms:// link. Your app name should have no spaces and be all lowercase.

  • Specific app: itms://
  • Specific app with your company in in the URL: itms://
  • List of apps you have: itms://

Something like this:

<a href='itms://'>Check out the paid version!</a>

Windows Phone Only

ms-windows-store:// link. Something like this:

<a href='ms-windows-store://PDP?PFN=YourPackageFamilyName'>Check out the paid version!</a>

All platforms - Automatic switching

If ever you've used the html5 video tag, you'll know that you can provide more than one video format depending on which platform your visitor is on. We've designed this around exactly the same structure, so it's nice and simple to do:

<a href='http://Optional_Fallback_Url'>
	Check out the paid version!
	<source src='market://details?id=yourAppsComName' />
	<source src='itms://' />
	<source src='ms-windows-store://PDP?PFN=YourPackageFamilyName' />

If you're using http:// links as your src's, provide the type attribute like so:

<a href='http://Optional_Fallback_Url'>
	Check out the paid version!
	<source src='http://..' type='Android' />
	<source src='http://..' type='iOS'/>
	<source src='http://..' type='WP8' />

Automatic switching isn't limited to just store links. It will work with any link at all where you'd like to send each platform in a different direction.