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I've attached a version of ResourcesProtocol.cs that uses `Resources.LoadAsync()` (rather than `Resources.Load()`).  PowerUI's API is already nicely set-up for this approach so I was surprised to find it wasn't that way when I hit it during profiling (where HTML loaded images and CSS which loaded CSS  images).

The following is probably obvious to the author (whose knowledge far exceeds mine on all this) but I'll write it here for other users...

I've simply replaced the previous approach.  This has potential repercussions for users since "immediate page availability" is no longer guaranteed for files loaded from "resources://".  Obviously this is inline with what one would expect using the network but given the way it worked previously, I could see some users might have code that calls, say, `Monitor.Navigate()` and then expects to start querying and modifying the DOM.  Instead they should now register a listener on "document.window" and do the operations after that.  (This based on my investigations -- the developer might have better suggestions!)

document.window.addEventListener("load", onLoaded); // this will survive multiple calls to Navigate().

private void onLoaded(Event e) {
if (!( is HtmlBodyElement)) // wait until the <body> is loaded (rather than other load events)

var document = e.document as HtmlDocument;
// do DOM queries, etc.


p.s. yeah not sure how to insert code here so blockquote it is 😀

Uploaded files:

Awesome, I like it a lot! That will certainly be making its way into the main codebase 🙂 Resource.LoadAsync essentially just wasn't a thing when the resource:// protocol was created. As far as API expectations go, the file loaders are all event based and essentially everything that needs to load something must use the done event vs. assuming it will load sync/ immediately, so that won't have any side effects (at least for PowerUI's internals and anybody using those lower level API's correctly).

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Obviously this is inline with physicians eye care ellicott city md what one would expect using the network but given the way it worked previously, I could see some users might have code that calls

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