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I've downloaded and played with power-ui

What I am looking for is a means to use powerUI as a "webView" as a HUD. Basically to replace the UI canvas of Unity. I don't need user input fed to 'web-page'.

I am using  unity 2019.6. In-world demos don't render right and demonstrate the main problem I am having. In the example code, In World UI, the main camera is parented to a game object dollying around the 'tv' but the main camera is not what is displayed, instead the active camera is the one created by and childed to power-ui. Similarly FlatInWorldUI's active camera is not the main camera.

When I use in-world or main ui in my own scene, the same effect occurs.

Also Texture created for the WorldUI via FlatWorldUI default c-tor, is initially of size 0,0 which causes Unity to throw an exception.

OnAUnityUI, the texture is rotated cw by around 15'.

Are there any short hand suggestions you can make?

Hey! This happens when PowerUI can't add its layer - it tries to create a layer automatically when it starts up (just called "PowerUI") and sometimes it isn't able to. Try creating the layer called PowerUI and that should stop the wrong camera being used like that, as well as avoid that texture issue too 🙂

Ah, I shall and thank you. I console log might be helpful.

I did have another question. I am mostly interested in power-ui for an overlay, because HTML5/CSS >> Unity Canvas elements. Is there a convenient enable/disable power-ui (keyboard/controller/touch) input handling? During gameplay, a HUD is all I need, but in a menu switching power ui handling would seem very handy.


--- edit ---

And it worked like a charm. What can interfere with layer creation? I do have multiple scenes in my project.

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