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Multiple PowerUIs

Hi there,


i didnt try out anything yet, so its maybe a stupid question.

I acutally use the Manager class directly so my ui renders full screen as a overlay.

Is it possible to use a second "PowerUI" to render in world at the same time? I need to keep the overlay but place some more stuff in the 3d world.



Hey Matthias,

Yep that's possible - those are called a WorldUI; essentially a PowerUI document in world space. They are just gameobjects so you can include them in prefabs or parent them to anything you'd like, and you can also grab the Document reference to do dynamic things with them too. WorldUI's are fully 3D so they can also do some interesting extra functionality like text-extrude. Check out the example scenes for "In World UI" etc for some examples on how to use them.

Also just for some completeness, if you're after more of a split screen setup - for multiplayer etc - usually the best route is to use iframes (as they often share main UI components like pause menus) and/ or setup the individual cameras via the <camera> element.

Hi Luke,


thanks, i got it to work, sadly i have to restructure my code because i have several helpers around the rendering and all of them are going to the "root" ui,  but thats my own mistake 🙂



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