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Images have artifacts

Hi there,


when i use images from resources (or by setting the texture afterwards), most of my images getting artifacts.

I have a simple image with a drop down arrow in. White bg, colored arrow.

When the size is 32x32, it looks good, when i use 20x20, if has weired artifacts on the left (1px width, total height).

Also happens with other images, sometimes with articats on the top.

I played around with the import settings, but no luck.

Can anyone give me a hint? Its quite a show stopper...

Texture quality is on max...


Thanks for any help...

Uploaded files:
  • ImgSamples.png

Hmm as a quick suggestion you could turn off image atlasing - looks like the spacing is too tight for your hardware/ filter settings:

Hi Luke,

thanks for your reply. The option works, but the images are a little bit blury now.

Hi Luke,

just coming back to this. My images are still blury, no matter how big the source image is.

Can you point me or instruct me shortly how the rendering stack is? Or what processing does the images have until they come to the ui?



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