Virtual Reality Cameras

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In virtual reality, it's common to see the middle of the screen being used as the input pointer. Think Minecraft and similar. Here's how you set that up in PowerUI using the CameraPointer class.

Note that the UI's you create would almost always be one or more WorldUI's.

Creating a CameraPointer

  • You'll probably want to turn off the mouse pointer (It's used on desktops only). It's the input pointer which is controlled by the mouse.
  • In an Awake method, create a CameraPointer for a particular camera.

Here's an example:

CameraPointer MyPointer;

void Awake(){

  // Disable the system mouse:
  // Create a camera pointer that sits in the middle of the screen (50%,50%):
  MyPointer = new CameraPointer(Camera.main,0.5f,0.5f);
  // Add it now:


Whenever the camera you gave is transformed (i.e. rotated or moved around), the pointer automatically updates itself.

Laser Pointers

You can also entirely override the raycast to create a clickable/ hoverable input ray in any direction. Check out the input pointers page for an example custom laser input pointer.

Making it click

See the section on input pointers about making them click.