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We're currently in the process of moving over to public GitHub repo's and a new website - in the meantime, this guide should still work fine! PowerUI's source is available via GIT to everybody with a PowerUI license along with a web based Gitlab UI for easy access. It's highly recommended you pull the latest code as it's easy to do and will keep you right up to date with all the latest changes. Known bugs and feature requests are handled there too.

Gaining access

  • The main repository now supports anonymous clones. Clone it directly but make sure it's recursive - see below!

Checking it out

The UnityProject repository contains all of the individual components as git submodules, so you'll want to check that one out. Make sure it's set to recursive and you do a submodule update - here's how via the command line:

git clone --recursive
git submodule foreach --recursive git checkout master
git submodule foreach git pull

The wall of errors

If you see a giant wall of errors, don't panic! That means it hasn't cloned all of the contents of the submodules. Depending on the client you're using, you'll need to go into the directory, and perform a GIT submodule update. Some clients will do that as part of a pull/ update. That should get those submodules for you.

Windows Users

If you're on windows, a common tool to use is TortoiseGIT. Here's a quick guide on using that:

  • Navigate through to the directory you'd like to check it out to
  • Right click -> "GIT Clone..".
  • Enter the repository URI at the top (
  • Tick recursive
  • Press ok and then let it clone. You might get a "git did not exit cleanly" message - this is fine!
  • Go into the repositories directory. Right click and go to TortoiseGIT -> "Submodule update..".

Alternately, If you are okay with command line you can grab and use the command line instructions above on windows.


Note: Using the zip option on Gitlab still requires you to do a submodule update (as it does on GitHub too).

We're working on a new CI/CD pipeline to automatically build Unity packages and hopefully we'll be able to get every future commit packaged up.